Mission & Vision

"Let our collective action tell the story of our Department’s determination and
commitment to our students ... and
affirm the right of our Department to
exist and to develop students to their
fullest potential" - (O. Miller, 2010).

Mission Statement

The Department of Psychology exposes students to the science of behavior, provides a foundation for the pursuit of advanced degrees in the field and in related disciplines, and offers students multicultural perspectives for understanding human nature and functioning at undergraduate and graduate levels.  A unique multicultural programmatic framework distinguishes our programs.  The emphasis of this thrust is primarily, although not exclusively, on the reconceptualization and application of psychology to the experiences of people of African descent.


The psychology department’s programs grew out of the University’s recognition of the need for more psychologically trained Black para-professionals, professionals and scientists to address the critical shortage in the areas of human services education and research. Additionally, in the wake of the 1960s there was a growing sensitivity in American society regarding the importance of culture in mental health and human behavior, especially where racial and cultural minorities were concerned. Given that FAMU has a predominantly African-American student body, increased awareness of the significance of culture led to the incorporation of an emphasis on African-American cultural and minority issues into the curriculum and overall programmatic thrust of the Department.


Departmental Goals

The Department of Psychology strives to:

  1. Define African psycholgoical experiences from an African-centered perspective.
  2. In student training, proivde experiences to increase self-knowledge and self-acceptance through an examination of our collective past, present and future.
  3. Prepare graduates of whom a large majority pursue and complete Ph.D. degrees.
  4. Prepare graduates of whom a large majority demonstrate self-acceptance which extends to the acceptance of others and the uplifiting of our community.


Contact Info

501 Orr Dr.
203 B Gore Education Complex (GEC)
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850)599-3014/3468
F: (850)412-7667

E: famupsychology@famu.edu