Master of Social Work Program

The MSW Program educates students for macro social work practice in community-based organizations and social service administration. Full-time and part-time programs of study are available.

Our Mission

The mission of the Master of Social Work program is to advance social and economic justice by educating students to be a knowledgeable, ethical, and culturally competent community, administration, and policy (CAP) macro social work practitioners. This mission builds upon a liberal arts foundation and generalist practice construct to promote human and social well-being utilizing critical thinking and a range of evidence-based prevention and intervention methods. The program designs models that prepare students to practice with diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

MSW Program Goals

The goals of the MSW Program serve to prepare students to engage in advanced social work practice at the macro-level of social systems.

Goal One: Provide students with social work knowledge, values, ethics, and skills for critical analysis of social theory, policy, practice, and research, as applied to diverse populations and populations -at-risk.

Goal Two: Prepare students for leadership roles in the development, program planning, implementation, and evaluation of culturally competent services, policy, and research designed to alleviate poverty, oppression, and other forms of social injustice within a concentration in social work administration, policy, and community development.


The MSW Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  The accreditation status is important as many states, programs and graduate schools have policies which require or prefer MSW graduates from accredited social work programs. 

Field Education

All MSW students must complete a field placement/internship as a requirement for graduation.  Click here for Field Education Materials.  For more information contact the MSW Field Director -Ms. Rolanda Brown-Dennis (Visiting Faculty) at

Academic Advising

The MSW Program students have a designated academic advisor.  Contact the Social Work Departmental Office for more information at (850) 599-3456.

MSW Student Handbook

The MSW Student Handbook is provided to all new students at the MSW Student Orientation and is intended to be a working document.

MSW Program Admissions

NOTE:  FAMU’s MSW Program does not grant academic credit for previous paid employment, volunteer work, or life experience.

For more information regarding admission to the MSW Program contact Mrs. Katisa Donaldson, the MSW Program Director at (850) 412-7551 or via email

MSW Student Learning Outcomes

All students are assessed using a minimum of two measures on their mastery of the nine competencies that comprise the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards of the Council on Social Work Education.