Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice aspires to be an innovative and inspirational producer of cultural and transformational graduates dedicated to solving complex issues impacting our global society.

The mission of the Department is to rigorously prepare graduates who are well equipped to be critical thinkers and engaged citizens of an increasingly knowledge-intensive and globally diverse society.

Students in the department have small class sizes, dedicated faculty, opportunities to complete part-time and full-time internships, as well as, participate in several student organizations in our department.


Our History


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Since 1948, our department has grown in response to changes in Florida’s government, interests in criminal justice careers and academic trends. Learn about us and how our fields have evolved.

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Sociology is the scientific systematic study of human social relationships and institutions.

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Criminal Justice is the study of both domestic and international structures, functions, behaviors, and public policies related to the apprehension, prosecution, sentencing, and incarceration of offenders. 



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Our department offers bachelor’s degrees in either sociology or criminal justice, along with minors in anthropology, criminal justice or sociology. Internships for both bachelor’s degrees are optional, but strongly encouraged.


Learn how to be a leader and brainstorm on how to solve major issues by participating in the CSAAH’s special living learning community.



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Contact Info

403 Perry Paige
1740 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Tallahassee, FL 32307

850-599-8541 (fax)

If you need a specific contact, browse a list of Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice faculty and staff.<Academics > Colleges & Schools > College of Social Sciences, Arts, & Humanities > Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice > Faculty>

You can also contact our academic advising team.<Student Life > Student Resources > Academic Support > Academic Advising > Criminal Justice and Sociology>