Philosophy & Religion Courses

The courses offered by the Philosophy & Religion Unit

These are the courses the Philosophy & Religion Unit offers. 

PHH 2102 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3) First course in history of philosophy sequence. From classical Greek philosophy through the philosophy of the Middle Ages.

PHH 2101 Intro Ancient Greek Philosophy (3) Survey with emphasis on Plato and Aristotle. Topics include : the nature of reality, the nature and value of wisdom and virtue, and the good life and its attainment.

PHH 3400 Modern Philosophy (3) Second course in history of philosophy sequence. Major movements of modern period: existentialism, ordinary language philosophy.

PHI 1100 Critical Inquiry (3) Theory and techniques for creative and critical thinking, applying methods developed in science to decision making.

PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy (3) An examination of rival views on morality, economic justice, political philosophy, existence of God, and theories of knowledge.

PHI 2101 Introduction to Logic (3) General introduction which emphasizes developing ability to think and communicate clearly and consistently; nature and methods of formal and informal logic.

PHI 2800 Introduction to Aesthetics (3) Aesthetic experience and philosophy of art and criticism. Findings related to painting, music, drama and literature

PHI 3300 Intro to Epistemology (3) Examination of such topics as the difference between knowledge and belief, how knowledge is acquired, the bounds of human knowledge, and whether knowledge is possible.

PHI 3500 Metaphysics (3) Examination of questions regarding: the nature of being, existence, and reality; identify and change; mind matter; free will and determinism; and nature of space and time.

PHI 3601 Ethics (3) An examination of ethical issues in various areas, including health sciences, business and personal life.

PHI 3700 Intro to Philosophy of Religion (3) Examination of such topics such as: the relation between reason and faith, arguments for and against the existence of god, the problem of evil, and the nature of sin.

PHI 4300 Theory of Knowledge (3) Prereq: PHI 2101. Structure of knowl3edge including both classical positions and recent developments.

PHI 4660 Ethical Theory (3) Prereq: 3 hrs. in philosophy or religion. Critical examination of classical system of ethical thought and consideration of recent ethical theory.

PHI 4800 Aesthetics (3) Aesthetic experience and philosophy of art and criticism. Findings related to painting, music, drama and literature. For advanced students.

PHI 4905 Selected Readings (3) Selected philosophers and philosophical movements. For advanced majors only.

PHI 4906 Directed Individual Study (3) Prereq: Permission of department chair and a supervising professor.

PHM 3120 Contemporary Black Social Philosophy (3) Critical analysis of roots and nature of black movements--specifically, Black Nationalism--as a world phenomenon, rather than as a movement limited to the United States.

PHM 4100 Social Philosophy (3) Prereq: 3 hrs. in philosophy. Problems of social and political philosophy and examination of major theoretical models.

REL 2000 Introduction to Religion (3) Study of the origins, functions, techniques, and experience of religion in a cross-cultural perspective.

REL 2135 Black Religion in America (3) A survey of Black religious history in the U.S., with focus on the ideas, movements, issues, leadership, and artistic/cultural values which have influenced the religious experience and institutions of Black Americans.

REL 2210 Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures (3) Survey of the history, literature and teachings of the ancient Hebrew people.

REL 2224 Interpreting Prophecy in the Hebrew Scriptures (3) Emphasis on biographical data, historical settings, and ethical/religious themes in the prophetic literature of the ancient Hebrews.

REL 2240 Introduction to the Christian Scriptures (3) The development of religion in reference to the religio-ethical teachings, socio-cultural context, and literature of the Christian Scriptures.

REL 2320 Western World Religions (3) Religious traditions which have been influential in the West in characterized by western religious motifs. Study of major doctrines and historical development.

REL 3130 Religion in American Culture (3) The religious institutions, major religious movements, black religious experience, and unique features of the temperament of American religion.

REL 3156 Religion, Personality and Race (3) Typological and structural relationships between religion, personality and race. An analysis of the personal religious lifestyles of prominent persons from different cultures.

REL 3312 Eastern World Religions (3) Four major religions: Hinduism and Buddhism of India, and Confucianism and Taoism of China.

REL 4440 Contemporary Religious Thought (3) Prereq: REL 2000, REL 2210 or REL 2240. Important theological movements and their leaders since 1950: Secular Theology, Theology of Hope, Black Theology, Vatican II and Liberation Theology.

REL 4900 Selected Readings (3) Selected thinkers and problems in religion. For advanced religion majors.

REL 4905 Directed Individual Study (1-3) For advanced religion majors.