The English Literary Guild

The English Literary Guild is a major-run organization that hosts literary scholarship, creativity, and professional development opportunities.

The FAMU English Literary Guild is the academic branch of FAMU's Department of English & Modern Languages, featuring professional opportunities and social events that promote "the arts" and showcase the versatility of the English major.

For more than 35 years, The English Literary Guild has been key to the development of FAMU English majors.
The organization provides support to the FAMU Writing Contest, CAKE: A Literary Journal, and the annual Spring Literary Forum
Along with hosting seminars on "What Can I Do with a Major in English?," the English Literary Guild also hosts "FAMU Literary Guild Week" during the last week of February.
Past students have given presentations at national conferences and participated in a variety of internships, preparing them not only for graduate school, but professions in the archival, museum, and library fields.


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