Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology provides students with a strong foundation in the field while emphasizing Black and multicultural psychology.

"I am because WE are; and therefore, WE are because I am."
~ Asante Proverb

Mission Statement
As an African-centered psychology training program, we draw upon the rich history, philosophies, traditions, values, beliefs, rituals, and perspectives of African cultural deep thought and wisdom (i.e., the African Worldview) indigenous to Africa and its peoples. Therefore, our training programs in psychology are taught and experienced within the framework of the African Worldview as we expose our students to the interconnectedness of soul/spirit, mind, body, community/social, and behavioral science. Through this culturally specific and culturally relevant framework, we aim to develop social scientists and mental health practitioners of good character and good conscience. We also seek to increase the national number of social scientists, researchers, and practitioners of African ancestry, given the critical need for such representation within African/Black and indigenous communities in America and throughout the world. 

Both the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Sciences (BS) programs in psychology can lead to an advanced degree. If you have a BA or BS and would like a doctorate, you can apply to our master’s program in community psychology.


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Our mission is to address a shortage of African Americans in the psychology field and the increasingly important role of culture in mental health. FAMU responded by building its programs around a new framework. 
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During academic advising, the academic advisor is responsible for providing support, guidance, and assistance pertaining to majors and course selection to fulfill degree requirements. 
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Center for Ethnic Psychological Research & Application (CEPRA)

The mission of CEPRA is to promote mental wellness, enhance mental health literacy, and improve overall behavioral/mental health for all individuals with special emphasis on African American and other underserved populations. 
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Conferences | ABPC & Imhotep

The Department of Psychology hosts two conferences highlighting Afrikan Psychological research, scholarship, teaching and practice. 
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Dr. Kambon Dr Ola

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Heroes That Paved the Way! 
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