The Marching 100

The Marching 100 is more than a marching band, more than an ensemble. We are role models of excellence.

Our Motto

“Highest Quality of CHARACTER”

“Achievement in ACADEMICS”

“Attainment in LEADERSHIP”

“Perfection in MUSICIANSHIP”

“Precision in MARCHING”

“Dedication to SERVICE”


Find out what the Marching “100” has accomplished to earn titles such as "The Marchingest, Playingest, Band in the Land,” “The Best Band in the Land” and "The Best College Marching Band in the Country."

For more about FAMU's Marching "100" history and tradition, visit the official FAMU Bands website

Ranking high among the many proud traditions of Florida A&M University is the highly acclaimed Marching "100" Band. The first band at this institution, formerly named A&M College, was organized in 1892 under the tutelage of P.A. Van Weller. From a meager store of 16 instruments, the Marching "100" has grown to over 420 members.

  • This organization has been polished and refined to perfection for the past 104 years under the guidance of its directors:
  • P.A. Van Weller, 1892-1898
  • Nathaniel C. Adderly, 1910-1918
  • Leander A. Kirksey, 1930-1945
  • Dr. William P. Foster, 1945-1998
  • Dr. Julian E. White, 1998-2012
  • Dr. Sylvester Young, 2013-2016
  • Dr. Shelby R. Chipman, 2016 - present

Band Staff


  • Dr. Shelby Chipman, Director of Bands
  • Mr. Lindsey B. Sarjeant, Arranger
  • Dr. Shaylor James, Assistant Director of Bands and Director of Percussion
  • Dr. Longineu Parsons, Director of Trumpets
  • Dr. Sylvester Young, Assistant Director of Bands
  • Dr. Nicholas Thomas, Assistant Director of Bands and Director of Woodwinds
  • Mr. Robert Griffin, Director of Trombones
  • Mr. Darryl Baker, Assistant Director of Bands
  • Mr. Ralph JeanPaul, Assistant Director of Bands and Director of Lower Brass
  • Mr. Tovah Lovely, Assistant Director of Percussion
  • Mr. Donald Beckwith, Store Keeper and Equipment Manager
  • Dr. Deirdre McCroy, Compliance Officer

Join the Marching 100 Alumni Band Association, Inc.

The Marching 100 Alumni Band Association was formed by Victor R. Gaines, former trumpet player and Head Drum Major of the “Marching 100” band, in 2000, for the purposes of supporting the academic needs and enhancing the FAMU Bands. We meet often in effort to keep our members apprised of the activities and events of not only the alumni, but of the FAMU Bands, as well. Our organization consists of individuals who marched in the band, participated in the band’s programs, and those who just love the band and want to support it through the Association.

We’ve given away thousands of dollars in band camp scholarships (for high school musicians who have a desire to attend the FAMU Summer Band Camp), academic scholarships, and book vouchers through our website and other initiatives.

We’ve recognized the “Foster 5” with scholarships:

♦  Dr. William P. Foster – This is our highest scholarship available, and assists a current student with their academics.

♦  Dr. Julian E. White – Our highest band camp scholarship, recognizing a student for their attainment in Leadership.

♦  Charles S. Bing – This band camp scholarship recognizes a student for their excellence in Musicianship.

♦  Dr. Shaylor L. James – Academic scholarship given to a percussionist who has demonstrated their technical prowess in the percussion section, through the section or percussion ensemble.

♦  Lindsey B. Sarjeant – Academic scholarship given to a student who has excelled in the Jazz Studies program.

We also have added a 6th scholarship in the name of retired secretary, Ms. Gloria C. Jones, for the student who goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist the band wherever needed.

We recently awarded Tamara D. Fitzpatrick with a scholarship for having the highest GPA in the band.

Rewarding our students for their dedication and academic excellence are key in building a band and alumni organization.


Alumni Band Association activities include:

♦ Summer Band Camp – Our first event for the fiscal year gives us an opportunity to assist and meet with the band staff, officers, and student leaders of the “Marching 100.” During this time, we have fun not only working with them, but taking out a little time to show the campers that we’ve still got it, when we participate in the band camp parade and “Bring It On!” at the Pasture during the camp!

♦ Annual Meeting – Our first business meeting of the year provides our alumni with a look at all of our planned activities. At this meeting, we also have our different committees report on their activities, as well as give the attendees an opportunity to get the “State of the FAMU Bands” address from our Director of Bands, Dr. Julian E. White.

♦ Football Classic Events – When we go to the Atlanta Football Classic and Florida Classic, we have a host of activities going on, which include hospitality suites and tailgating! This is the perfect opportunity for our alumni to catch up with their former band members.

♦ Homecoming – We march in the homecoming parade, play with the band in the stands, and participate in both the pre-game and halftime shows! It is really a treat to see our alumni step back onto Bragg Memorial Stadium again! After the game, we are usually hosting a hospitality suite, or will find a place to wind down after a long day!

Since inception, we have reached thousands of alumni through our newsletter, emails, and website  Through our activities and various fundraisers, we have also brought together friends who have not seen nor corresponded with each other in years!

We’ve sent high school students to our band camp who have gone on to be successful not only at FAMU, but in their respective professional fields. We’ve supported our current band members with academic scholarships and book vouchers. We’ve also recognized academic excellence by awarding an academic scholarship to the student with the highest GPA!

Wherever the band needs our assistance, we are there to help!

We know that we cannot exist without the “Marching 100” and FAMU Bands, and look forward to supporting this great organization for years to come!

Victor R. Gaines
President & Chair, Board of Directors
Marching 100 Alumni Band Association, Inc.


Contact Us

Would you like us to perform for you? Or join the Marching “100”?
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Florida A&M University
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