Department of Visual Arts, Humanities and Theatre

About The Department of Visual Arts, Humanities and Theatre

The Department of Visual Arts, Humanities, and Theatre offers instructional programs in visual arts, philosophy, religion, theatre, and courses in humanities. Each of these programs leads to either the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Arts degree.

The Department is actively involved with special programs, events and various creative, expressive, scholarly endeavors by faculty and students. Overall, it prepares students for positions of leadership by imparting knowledge, skills, and proficiencies, which they may need when performing in their professions and functioning in their communities. The Department provides students with a sound general education, specialized instruction, practical experience, and exposure to distinguished visual and performing artists, philosophers, and theologians.

Student majors are expected to select courses from each instructional program within their respective department.


Majors Within the Department

The department offers three general major areas. 

Student attending philosophy lecture

Information about the Philosophy & Religion program.

Theatre student performing on stage

Information about the Theatre program.

Student practicing with ceramics

Information about the Visual Arts program. 


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