Under the auspices of the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and the Department of Visual Arts, Humanities and Theatre, the theatre program offers two degree options: the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.   Most theatre majors receive the Bachelor of Arts. However, students who concentrate in Technical Theatre or Theatre Management may elect the Bachelor of Science degree.  

Students may elect concentrations in either, Performance, Design/Technical Production, or Management and should declare such interest upon choosing theatre as a major. Students who have special interests will be advised of specific courses and electives to take and be mentored by faculty in the area of interest throughout their university tenure. Declaring an area of concentration will help students to focus on their interests while in the major and will ease the decision of an area of interest for the senior project capstone course.

All students must complete the general education core curriculum required by the University. In addition to these courses the theatre major requires the completion of a minimum of fifty-five (55) semester hours of theatre courses and a minimum of eighteen (18) hours in an approved minor. Students who concentrate in Design/Technical Production or Theatre Management may elect the B.S. degree and in lieu of twelve (12) hours of foreign language may complete six (6) hours of approved computer courses and six (6) hours of theatre electives.

The student minor must consult a theatre advisor; complete eighteen (18) semester hours of theatre courses which include Introduction to Theatre and two (2) to four (4) hours of laboratory courses (one hour per semester). The remaining semester hours are to be selected from the theatre core curriculum. In addition, minors are expected to participate fully in all theatre activities in order to become knowledgeable in all phases of the discipline.

The belief that theatre students profit most by a basic understanding of the totality of theatre before pursuing specializations is reflected by the present curriculum requirements. The program in theatre offers pre-professional undergraduate preparation by combining acting, directing, designing and production with literary, historical, managerial and creative study of drama. Our core curriculum and elective course offerings include:

Introduction to the Theatre
Critical Analysis of Drama
Theatre History I
Theatre History II
Contemporary Black Theatre
Intro to Stagecraft
Costume Design
Costume Construction
Stage Make-Up Design
Intro to Scene/Light Design
Theatre Management
Marketing for the Arts
Voice and Diction

Oral Interpretation
Movement for the Theatre
Elements of Acting
Advanced Acting
Acting for the Camera
Intro to Play Direction
Dramatic Writing
Introduction to Creative Works
Technical Production Lab
Arts/Theatre Management Practicum
Senior Project


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