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Information for Advisees


If you plan to graduate, be sure to get ready for the application process the semester prior to graduation (or earlier). Review the University’s graduation requirements and procedures.

Here are the steps for the graduation process:

  • Inform your adviser that you intend to graduate (please do so no later than the start of the semester in which you intend to graduate).
  • Make sure that your Evaluation for Graduation is completed and signed by your adviser.
  • Acquire and complete the Student Intent to Graduate form.
  • Turn in the completed form to your adviser.
  • Your adviser will then turn in the forms to the Department chair.
  • Check your iRattler account for a Positive Service Indicator (Eligible to Apply – ETA).
  • Complete the graduation application on iRattler.
  • Graduate.

How to Apply for Graduation in iRattler Guide