Social Work Organizations

Student Social Work Association (SSWA)

The BSW Program’s student organization is the Student Social Work Association (SSWA). The purpose of SSWA is to educate students about the Social Work profession, provide support to Social Work undergraduate students, and encourage participation in social welfare programs in the community and on campus. Any undergraduate student who has declared social work as a major or social work pre-majors.  For more information contact Ms. Janay White at or Dr. Jacquelyn McMillan at

Social Work Association of Graduate Students (SWAGS)

The MSW program encourages and provides opportunities for graduate students to organize in their interests as students.  The Social Work Association of Graduate Students (SWAGS) actively promotes professional and social activities among MSW students.  Membership is open to all currently enrolled students in the MSW program at Florida A&M University.  The group meets to promote scholarship, leadership, service, and community awareness of the program, the profession, the University, and its students.  Another important goal of the organization is to promote communication among students, faculty and administration.  For more information feel free to contact

Phi Alpha Honor Society

The Phi Alpha National Honor Society was established in 1962 with our neighbor, Florida State University, as one of its six charter chapters. Today there are over 275 chapters, including Florida A&M University’s Beta Zeta chapter of the Phi Alpha Honor Society. The mission of Phi Alpha is to “provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals.” Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

For the Bylaws of the Phi Alpha National Honor Society, go to: 

Each Fall and Spring semesters, GPAs will be calculated for the seniors in the BSW program (including students in Research Measurements - SOW 4414 and Field Practicum – SOW 4510). The top 35% will be invited to join the Phi Alpha Honor Society. Students who want to join Phi Alpha, pay a $50 fee which includes a $30 lifetime membership to Phi Alpha National Honor Society, a Phi Alpha medallion to be worn at graduation, and an induction ceremony. The induction ceremony is part of the Department of Social Work Convocation that is held every semester to honor BSW graduates, MSW graduates, and Phi Alpha inductees (both BSW and MSW inductees).

For more information contact Dr. Laura Myers at