Elevation from Within: Art at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

january 23 - may 5, 2023


Elevation from Within: Art at Historically Black Colleges and Universities presents a historically and culturally impressive selection of original works of art by Black artists spanning the 20th and 21st centuries.  Elevation from Within is curated by Dr. Leo Twiggs. A native of St. Stephen, South Carolina and Claflin University alumnus (1956). Elevation from Within pays homage to HBCU alumni and professors whose educational backgrounds chronicle a vital chapter of American history and whose aesthetic achievements have made an indelible mark on this nation’s art.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have served as stewards of visual art by Black artists since the early 20th century.  This curated collection features works drawn from the Johnson Collection’s holdings of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture. On view are works by 20th- and 21st-century artists John Biggers, Beverly Buchanan, Elizabeth Catlett, Aaron Douglas, James Herring, James Porter, Alma Thomas, Leo Twiggs, Charles White, Ellis Wilson, Benny Andrews, and Hale Woodruff.

This exhibition speaks both to and of the curator's own experiences. Twiggs stated, “For African Americans living in a segregated society, the sources for our creative expression came from within. Our hardships are expressed in our blues, our many moods in our jazz, and our relationship to God in our spirituals. Painting, sculpture, and dance became a way to express all of it visually.” “My paintings always express my personal journey. It is only through the humanity of the personal that expression is elevated to the universal.”

The Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery hours are Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the gallery director Dr. Aja Roache at aja.roache@famu.edu.  


With Roots Deep, Foliage Thrives: A Vision of Chinese Artists in American Academia

november 8 - december 2, 2022

across the divide


This exhibition presents a survey on the artworks created by a group Chinese artists teaching in American universities.  The project Across the Divide is a platform where this group of artists and scholars meet with their counterparts in American universities creativein sharing their  research and academic experiences.  Through organized exhibitions, symposiums, and international exchange activities, this group of artists has created an Association of Chinese Artists in American Academia, and call for participation from its members across the country in sharing their artistic experiences in both academic teaching and personal creativities.  Reflecting their heritages rooted in the richness of thousands of years of Chinese history and artistic traditions, these artists strive to bring the East and the West closer not only through their teaching engagements, but also in exhibitions as a form of representation in open dialogues with general publics.  

Featured Artists: Xun Chi I Xia Gao I Yu Ji l Lin Xia Jiang l JunCheng Liu l Nan Liu l Qing Liu l Aihua Z. Pearce l Joe Ren l Xuhong Shang l Liqin Tan l Howard Tran l Peter Tong Xiao l Rebecca Ruige Xu l Shencheng Xu l Renqian Yang l Li Zhang l Naijun Zhang l Weimin Zhang l Xiaohong Zhang l Kio Zhu l Yingxue Zuo


IN WHAT WE SEE: A Printmaker's Response



gallery photo


We are excited to announce our first exhibition of the fall 2022 semester.  IN WHAT WE SEE: A Printmaker's Response features 12 contemporary Black printmakers and some of their most recent work.  Curated by FAMU Professor of Art and printmaker, Harris Wiltsher, this exhibition seeks to show the dynamism of print media through the eyes of African and African American printmakers. 
Curator’s Statement: Printmaking, an ever-evolving media, has a long tradition of printmakers of color like Bob Blackburn, John Muafangejo, Elizabeth Catlett, Leon Hicks, Howard Smith, Dox Thrash and others. In this quest, this exhibition seeks to uncover the artist’s perspective of the world around them through technique and context.  These artists are unique in their approach of printmaking, lending to opening the “eyes” and soul of the viewer. Eyes are said to be the “windows of the soul” thereby these same eyes of an art maker capture the essence of what surrounds them daily.
Featured Artists: Chloe Alexander, Jamaal Barber, Ricky Dyaloyi, Kenneth Falana, Justyne Fischer, Latoya Hobbs, Robin Holder, Tenjin Ikeda, Soloman Isekeije, Tracy Murrell, Carl Richardson, and Harris Wiltsher


Unlimited, Unbound: Selections from FAMU Affiliated Artists

june 1 - july 1, 2022
exhibition poster

The Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery proudly presents artworks created by FAMU affiliated artists in UnlimitedUnbound (i.e., faculty, alumni, and current students) in our June exhibition. It is an integral aspect of the Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery to feature FAMU-affiliated artists who have contributed much to the goals and mission of the visual art program over the years and inspired generations of artists.

UnlimitedUnbound exemplifies the extensive art styles coming out of the FAMU visual art program and the seven featured affiliated artists. Featuring paintings, mixed media, printmaking, and Chinese brush drawings, the exhibition also showcases everyday figurative subject matter and abstract works of cultural and historical relevance.

The FAMU Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery serves as a teaching gallery whereby our primary goal is to provide an environment for students of all disciplines and visitors of all backgrounds to encounter various visual art mediums, styles, themes, and topics welcoming them to explore the full range of what the visual arts provide: critical thinking, cultural concepts and criticisms, aesthetics and so much more. We cordially invite you to visit and view the artworks from the minds and hearts of our FAMU artists for the month of June.


Virtual Exhibition: The Conscience Collective