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Army ROTC pays for your tuition while you go to college and train to become an Army Officer. Offered at more than 1,000 colleges and universities, you can get the college experience along with a guaranteed career after graduation as a highly respected second lieutenant in the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

The National Army ROTC Scholarship: As a cadet in Army ROTC, you may also be eligible for a scholarship that can cover your time in college. Find out how you can improve your test scores and which requirements you must meet.

  • How To Apply

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    How To Apply


    The National Army ROTC Scholarship is designed to allow interested High School Seniors and High School Graduates (who have not started college) to apply and compete for a Scholarship to attend college while participating in Army ROTC Classes as a Cadet.

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  • The Army ROTC National High School Scholarship Program opened to new applicants on 12 June 2022. Deadlines are as follows:

    ➼ 12 JUN 2022 |
    Application for School Year 2023 opens

    ➼ 17-21 OCT 2022 | 1st Selection Board. To compete in this board you must have your documents in NLT 10 October 2022.

    ➼ 23-27 JAN 2023 | 2nd Selection Board. To compete in this board you must have your documents in NLT 16 January 2023.

    ➼ 04 FEB 2023 | Last Day to create an online application

    ➼ 13-17 MAR 2023 | 3rd Selection Board. To compete in this board you must have your documents in NLT 06 March 2023

The National Army ROTC Scholarship: Requirements & Commitments

  • Requirements

    Be a U.S. citizen

    Be between the ages of 17 and 26

    Have a high school GPA of at least 2.50

    Have a high school diploma or equivalent

    SAT and/or ACT: An attempt at an SAT/ACT is required and a score must be uploaded to the application. There is no minimum score.

    Meet physical standards:

    Basic Camp

    Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component (Army Reserve or Army National Guard)

  • Your Commitment

    An eight-year service commitment with the Army.

    Serve full time in the Army for four years and four years with the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).

    Selected Cadets may choose to serve part time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard while pursuing a civilian career

The National Army ROTC Scholarship: Important Dates & Information

  • For applicants who created an account for the 2022-2023 School year:

    These applicants should still be able to access their accounts. Ensure you are selecting school year 2022-2023 when attempting to log in.

    For applicants not selected last year and are trying to compete again:

    Ensure you are selecting school year 2023-2024 when attempting to log in to start a new application.

  • Application MAY NOT be accessible due to *Maintenance during the following dates:

    NOV 12 - 13 2022
     NOV 19 - 20 2022
     DEC 10 - 11 2022
     DEC 17 - 18 2022
    JAN 07 - 08 2023
     JAN 21 - 22 2023
     FEB 11 - 12 2023
     FEB 25 - 26 2023

    *You may experience intermittent services during this timeframe

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The scholarship may be renewed each year, contingent upon the commanding officer’s recommendation, satisfactory performance, progress toward the mandated four-year graduation rate and toward completion of the bachelor’s degree.


While you gain invaluable leadership skills in Army ROTC, you can continue your college education at the same time—with financial support from the Army.

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Whether you're a college-bound high school student or already attending a college or university, Army ROTC has scholarships available. Scholarships are awarded based on a student's merit and grades, not financial need.