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The FAMU Essential Theatre presents annual seasons of works that range from classical to contemporary, with an emphasis on African American culture.

Romeo and Juliet: A Miami Love Story

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  • MARCH 1 - MARCH 5, 2023


    What could be easier to understand, or be more moving, than the story of two adolescents finding in their sudden love for each other a reason to defy their families’ mutual hatred? True to its storyline, and blending the Bard’s lyrical text with colloquial prose, this re-imagined interpretation of Shakespeare’s tragedy is set in the present raging streets of Liberty City, Miami, Florida. At the height of a political campaign, a feud remerges between the Montagues and Capulets and the families gnaw at the bits for a political seat. Clear in its affirmation of the power of love, Romeo and Juliet provides a timeless theme and universal appeal.      

    Suggested audience: Age 11+

2022-2023 Season