Academic Advisement

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice is committed to proactive advising support for our students. The high-level institutional goals are in line with those of the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and the University. Academic goals and strategies are developed collaboratively to ensure the most maximized impact for the students.

Student Meeting With Campus Academic  Advisor
Academic advising is essential to the success of the students.
Without proper academic advising, students will not be able to successfully maintain academic goals during college matriculation or fulfill graduation requirements.

Academic advisors are critical to promoting student success, maintaining student retention, establishing academic goals, and understanding career goals. This helps our students feel involved and connected to the University. Knowing that their advisors care and understand their needs helps students achieve academic success.

During academic advising, the academic advisor is responsible for providing support, guidance, and assistance pertaining to majors and course selection to fulfill degree requirements.