Graduation Application

If a student is determined eligible to apply for graduation, the department’s coordinator will place a Positive Service Indicator ETA (Eligible to Apply) and send an email to the student’s FAMU email account.

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Graduation Application Details

  • Student Intent to Graduate

    A student who wishes to apply for graduation is encouraged to complete the “Student Intent to Graduate” form and take it to their academic advisor, at least one semester prior to the one in which the student intends to graduate. Students will complete, print/forward "Student Intent to Graduate" form to their academic advisors prior to applying for graduation via iRattler on their Student Center page. Intent deadline dates are posted within the department.

  • Bring the following with you when you see your advisor to begin this process:

  • Graduation Checklist

  • Intent to Graduate Form

  • • A Copy of Your Most Current Unofficial Transcript

  • • A Copy of Your Advisement Report from iRattler

  • • A Departmental Exit Survey (Print the final page as confirmation of completion)
       - The Sociology Exit Survey
       - The Criminal Justice Exit Survey

  • Upon receipt of the "Student Intent to Graduate" form, the academic advisor reviews student’s academic record for graduation purposes and the department’s business process for graduation will commence.
  • Application to Graduate

    If a student is determined eligible to apply for graduation, the department’s coordinator will place a Positive Service Indicator ETA (Eligible to Apply) and send an email to the student’s FAMU email account. This indicator enables the student to submit the application online via iRattler prior to or at the beginning of the term in which a student expects to complete all requirements for a degree.

    ETA deadline dates are published on the university calendar. If a student fails to graduate, he or she should consult with his/her department, division chairperson or dean and reapply for a subsequent term.

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  • How To: Apply for Graduation via iRattler

Degree Requirements

Students must have completed or be nearing completion of requirements set by the academic unit and the Registrar's Office in order to be considered candidates for graduation.

To qualify for a bachelor’s degree in an academic discipline, the student must have the following requirements as mandated by the Registrar’s Office:

• Earned a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00
• Successful applicants must have earned at least a “C” average in all work attempted toward the degree.
• Completed Gordon Rule
• Completed General Education requirements
• Completed Foreign Language requirement
• Satisfied the Summer term attendance requirement -  minimum of 9 semester credits
• Completed at least 30 semester credit hours at FAMU.  At least 25% of the credit hours required for an undergraduate degree program must be earned through instruction offered by FAMU. The university requires at least two semesters completed in residence for any degree and the last 30 hours must be earned in residence. If the term of residence is only two semesters, that period must be the student’s senior year, provided at least 30 semester hours are earned at FAMU during this period.
• Student must have completed a minimum of 120 semester required hours, which must include satisfactory completion of all State of Florida/institutional undergraduate requirements, and curriculum requirements.
*General and specific degree requirements are listed elsewhere in the general catalog.

A student who wishes to receive two baccalaureate degrees in the same semester must

(1) declare double majors,
(2) complete the prescribed degree requirements of each program, and
(3) complete a minimum of 150 semester hours (30 hours must be taken in residence).

Departments and colleges may have additional requirements. Students are advised to consult their academic advisor or department chair for departmental requirements. Students must complete an application for graduation online for each major. If a student holding a bachelor’s degree from FAMU wishes to obtain a second bachelor’s degree, the student must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours after the requirements for the previous bachelor’s degree.